The Technion Computer Engineering Club is a joint collaboration of the Technion's CS and EE faculties, building upon the success of the venerable Clubnet, which it supersedes. We meet every Wednesday at 11:30, alternating between the CS and EE faculties, to hear an interesting research talk. We take a broad view of what constitutes "interesting", as can be seen from the list of past talks: both systems and theory of networking, distributed systems, storage, computer architectures, operating systems, compilers, etc.

We meet every week during the winter and spring semesters on Wednesdays at 11:30. Light refreshments are served. Talk location alternates between the CS and EE faculties -- it is best to watch the talk announcements and the mailing list to see where the next talk will be held.

ceClub Coordinators (in alphabetical order)

Please contact us with any comments, suggestions or complaints.

  • Eran Gilad, CS (erangi (at)
  • Yael Doweck, EE (yael.doweck (at)

ceClub Steering Commitee (in alphabetical order)


ceClub is supported by the Israeli chapter of IEEE COMSOC and by the Technion Computer Engineering Center.