1/6/2016 11:30Taub 337


Game Changing Design.

Shlomit Weiss, VP Data Center Group/GM NPG Silicon Engineering


System On Chip (SOC) like the 6th generation core that was named by Intel CEO " The best Processor Ever" brings huge goodness to many different segments and at the same time a huge design challenge. In today's market environment we are getting more and more conflicting requirements to be satisfied by the same product. Some examples to those conflicting requirements are: high performance but low power, high complexity but short execution schedule, additional functionality but low cost and more. The lecture will talk about the large challenges from a technical and managerial perspective as well as methods that were developed to deliver those complex SOC.

Bio: Shlomit Weiss is vice president in the Data Center Group and general manager of the Network Platforms Group (NPG) Silicon Engineering at Intel Corporation. In this role, Weiss manages a global team of hundreds of engineers cross Israel, Europe and the United States and is responsible for all silicon hardware for networking IPs and discrete devices. In her previous role, Weiss was the general manager for R and D for Client products at Intel. Between other client products within her group, she was also responsible for the execution and delivery of the 6th Generation Core processor, which was described by Intel's CEO as the "best processor ever." Additionally, Weiss led the organization that was responsible for the design and delivery of the 2nd Generation Core processor. A 26-year veteran of Intel, Weiss is based in Israel and has spent one-third of her Intel career in U.S. positions. During her tenure at Intel, Weiss has worked on a variety of projects, including validation, design and architecture. She received an Intel Achievement Award, the company's highest recognition, for her contributions to the Intel Core 2 Duo architecture. Weiss holds a master's degree cum laude in electrical engineering from the Technion in Israel.